Oriflame Tanzania Welcomes You!

Oriflame the Right Choice

Ori Beauty Tanzania is here to understand your skin and you!  If you want to pamper and take good care of yourself we are here to listen and give you the best treatment by choosing Oriflame products, as we are professionally trained by Oriflame. And if you wish to be independent and make money, fulfill your dreams as well as meet new people and have fun.

About Oriflame.


Oriflame are a cosmetics company selling direct to customers through Oriflame Consultants.  The opportunity that Oriflame offer people is open to all, those who want to change the quality of their life and the people around them, Oriflame’s core values are Togetherness, Spirit and Passion.

The Oriflame philosophy is to make it easy for anyone to look their best. Everyone can use Oriflame, we selection includes over 400 products and have ranges for the entire family. The selection covers: face and body care, colour make-up, fragrances and toiletries.

We are on of the fastest growing cosmetics companies in the world and we are listed on the exclusive Stockholm Stock Exchange. Oriflames business opportunity is second to none, and we have a great support structure from the day you start. If we help each other to succeed we all succeed.

Oriflame Make Natural Swedish cosmetics, our products are inspired by nature or made around natural ingredients.

Oriflame has great respect for the environment, our packaging is coded for recycling, PVC is NOT USED. None of Oriflame’s products have ever been tested on animals, they are also animal friendly and will not cause harm.

Your Business!  Your Rules!

Are you interested in having your own business or cosmetics?

Are you looking to be in control of your life and how much you earn?

Do you want to change the quality of you life?

Well good news, Oriflame’s opportunity enables you to do all of these.


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